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En dos últimas convocatorias se han presentado en Polonia más de dos mil aplicaciones. Nuestros mejores han obtenido en ambos casos muy elevadas notas y puestos entre los proyectos acceptadosc por CE.


Erasmus + Granada

European Mobility Program in Granada

Erasmus + Granada in Poland

European Mobility Program in Poland

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Vocational Training

We develop our project directly in cooperation with Spanish official organizations and business associations. The joint preparation with our partnership official institutions and continuous supervision of the practices in the companies that enter our program allows us to guarantee the highest level of professional experience that we offer. The enterprises which collaborate with us offer students a hands-on opportunity to vocational training in their desired field. They learn how their course of study applies to the real world and build a valuable experience that makes them stronger candidates for jobs after graduation.


Throughout our vocational training program, students will develop a variety of soft skills, including communication skills, personal effectiveness, presentation skills, creative problem solving and influencing skills. The majority of students will carry out a range of support tasks in a junior role.




InXecutive  Group SCA is an Andalusian Society that as one of its sectors works with the corporative images of companies, takes part in establishing relations between different companies cultural and sports associations, ONGs, public institutions from different countries or sectors of commerce, culture and sport, and not the first time tries to offer all the contact with the industries, companies, for the best building Europe.

Our students will be able to develop their vocational training in the most important companies in Poland or Spain, in Tczew or Granada because we have a collaboration agreement with the different Federations we have mentioned before. They guarantee that all these young learners will be in the most ideal conditions of training and learning and also teaching (why not, the new generations with the experienced generations).

We offer a set of personalized Erasmus + services, tutoring and support, accommodation, maintenance, transfer, cultural activities.

Our specific program has allowed us to make a quantum leap for innovation, in that we have attempted to close the gap in the so-called “precede phase”, the period before a young student comes onto the labour market.


We develop our project directly in cooperation with Spanish official organizations and business associations, for example with Federación Provincial de Empresas de Hostelería y Turismo de Granada (www.hosteleriadegranada.es) or Federación Provincial de Comercio de Granada (www.comerciogranada.es) Círculo Tecnológico de Granada in this way we present the best opportunities for vocational training in the best companies and on the other hand we include in our schedule “precede phase program”, specific Training Activities and Masterclasses.


These activities carried out by representatives of Spanish business and educative organizations offer students the direct knowledge of the professional characteristics of the Spanish labour context, ways of exploring serious job opportunities, current perspectives and development fields.


No less important is the possibility of encounters with educational centres dedicated to the same professional field (for example the hotel industry, gastronomy schools), which also allows visiting centres to propose broader collaboration perspectives.


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